about me

2011 Music project "Carosones"

2010 Documentary Why Blame Coca!

2008 Photo Reportage in Pietra Santa Italy
on White Marble
and Artistic shots at Fire Play

2008 Reortages: cabaret,stilts,bcn mercé,studio bcn

2007 Photo reportage in Southern Ethiopia

2007 Two photo Workshops
one in Perugia at Umbria Jazz,
the other Nuoro Jazz Festival

2007 Photo reportage of Cantine Aperte and
Musica dal Vino  (Italy)

2006 Foto and video reportage in South America

2006 Saiagricola Tour (Italy)

2005 Antimaskgas Expo @ Bac! (Barcelona)

2004 Foto Advert for Aerosekur (Italy)

2003 Foto Reportage "Happy Africa" in West Africa

2003 End of Political Science University in Milan

2002 Write and present 12 satellite television programs
about travelling using the Internet. (Italy)

2000 Foto Reportage in Mexico with Director
of Fotography Benjamin Blanor

1999 Start pf the music project "Frankly Umperfect" and
Moved to Barcelona

1986 Moved to Milan

1979 Born in Catania, Sicilia, Italy.


Italian, English, Spanish and
French fluently spoken.
On my way of learning Portuguese.



I'm planning to continue the fotoreportages I started as
the South American studies,
Happy Africa and Antimaskgas.
 In the mean while i am livig and working in Europa.

Lake Dorge, Ethiopia, 2007 -.- Photo by Pino Ninfa